At the Ryder Law Firm, our goal is to not just meet, but exceed, the expectations of our clients. Below is a selection of some of the comments and observations that have been made by clients, other attorneys, and judges:

What Clients Say About Us:

“My husband and I were involved in a five car collision. We lost both cars at the same time because I was trailing my husband to the auto shop. This left us with absolutely no transportation.

We reached out to our insurance carrier and they would not even discuss the accident due to the other driver being in fault. They referred us to the other insurance carrier without any counsel or advice. At this point we concluded that it was in our best interest to seek legal counsel. We were referred to Brad Ryder and contacting him for counsel was one of the best decisions we could have made.

We had so many questions and were in total disarray to find out that the driver was not insured or licensed. Through all of this our uninsured motorist insurance policy that we had carried for over 14 years was refusing to provide us with rental vehicles, would not compensate us for any cost of injuries, nor loss of property.

The call to Brad Ryder was the only call that we had to make through the entire process. Attorney Ryder outlined everything to us from A to Z and gave us all the different outcomes that this case could possibly go. There were daily correspondence through emails and phone calls. We were so impressed with the knowledge, transparency, thoroughness, compassion and professionalism.

Brad Ryder and his office personnel exceeded our expectations and we would recommend him without hesitation.”

James and Allicyn R. (January 2018)

“I am very happy with the service I received from Attorney Brad Ryder of Ryder Law Firm.  He is very responsive and proactive.  I didn’t have to call him continuously to ask the status of my case.  He called me at every step and explained to me what was currently happening.  He discussed my options with me and asked what I wanted to do.  He also gave me good advice pertaining to my case.  He won my case and got a settlement from the defendant to cover my expenses and lost wages while on Worker’s Comp for 10 months.  I truly am grateful for Mr. Ryder and his firm.”

Eddie M. (December 2017)

“I found both you and your staff to be courteous and helpful, easy to reach and communicate with, and timely; followed up extremely well; very forthright and to the point, even if it was something we did not want to hear; knowledgeable; concerned and empathetic; put our interest over your interest.

You were very protective. At times you went beyond the “call of duty”!! We really enjoyed our dealings with your staff; they were always very pleasant, concerned, and helpful – a professional team of the first order – VERY accessible, respectful and easy to talk to. You always responded even if after normal business hours.

We believe you put our interest over your interest. There is no better example of this than you encouraging us at the end of our initial meeting to try one more time to settle before you filed suit. Another example is your willingness to continue the suit and not settle if their settlement offer was not within reason. I felt no pressure to settle. I found you and your advice to be easy to trust, accept, and follow. ”

Steve and Evin C. (October 2017)

“I was very pleased with your law firm. Thank’s for your help.”

Hoyt L. (October 2017)

“Brad, I want to thank you and your staff for all you have done for me. I would recommend you to anyone. Your whole crew is fabulous.”

Patsy M. (June 2017)

“Having been a prior client, I probably have a higher level of trust for Brad than a first time client. And I definitely have a much higher level of trust for lawyers in general than when I had contacted Brad during my first case. I consider Brad to be solely responsible for that improvement.

I am extremely pleased with how trustworthy Brad Ryder has proven to be in both cases he has represented me on. I appreciate his advanced preparation and discussion of the law(s) involved at our very first meeting. Brad’s attention to detail and reviewing laws from multiple states on my previous accident was impressive. The recent accident occurred in a different county and the effort to decide if it was feasible to file in the current county took several days and I appreciate the additional research he did to make the final decision.

If anybody I know needs legal representation, I would highly recommend Brad’s office, and I will not hesitate to use his services again.  We have already discussed Wills for me and my fiancee’ ”

Pete P. (April 2017)

“I would like to thank Brad Ryder and his staff for helping me through a confusing and difficult time. A little over a year ago, I was hit by a drunk driver. Although the other driver’s actions were reprehensible, I was unsure of my rights. I didn’t want to sue simply because I thought it would be too much of a hassle.

I’ve known Brad Ryder and his family for several years and knew I could trust him. I met with him simply to ask what, if anything, I should do. He never pressured me. He simply told me the steps I could take if I chose.  He was very forthcoming regarding possible outcomes. His professionalism and honesty put me at ease after that first discussion.

During the lawsuit, Brad and his staff kept me informed every step of the way. They communicated weekly and quickly answered any questions I had.

Although I had never imagined myself being involved in a situation such as this, Brad and his staff helped me stand up for what was right.

Brad Ryder is an intelligent, sharp, witty lawyer but is also a man of integrity. I would highly recommend him to anyone who finds themselves in need of an attorney.”

Kim I. (April 2017)

“The Ryder Law Firm assisted me and my family when we needed help the most. We went to other lawyers where they have turned my case away. The Ryder Law Firm truly cares about their clients and I would recommend them to not only friends and family but anyone looking for an honest and hardworking Lawyer.”

Kris B. (October 2016)

“After being hit by a truck while running, there were an indefinite amount of questions, uncertainties, and “what ifs?” that were flying through my mind. Beyond being heavily medicated for a serious head injury, my wife and family members also had their own concerns and heartbreak. Amidst all the calamity, it’s hard to adequately contemplate the best paths for medical and legal support. As severe as my injuries were, excellent medical care and time have brought me back to a decent physical recovery. Unfortunately, time does little to help recover financially from such incidents. The legal situation is further aggravated by a myriad of choices for lawyers in an area I knew nothing about. I had the great fortune to have been recommended to Brad Ryder. He came to my house to speak with my wife and I and talked me through what the process would look like if we chose him.

What impressed me most from that meeting was there were no crazy promises and there was an upfront discussion of his fair and reasonable fee structure. My family and I are very fortunate that a trustworthy, uncompromising for his clients, and informed in military regulations lawyer was part of my recovery. Without reservation, I would recommend Brad Ryder to anyone looking for personal injury representation.”

James B. (October 2016)

“Let me just start by saying that I honestly have no recommendations for improvement. I don’t think my experience with the Ryder Law Firm could have gone any smoother than it did. I was always updated on my case, never asked to go out of my way, and most importantly, treated with respect and hospitality. If I couldn’t make an appointment I was accommodated and rescheduled promptly. Being in a car accident and owing hospital and rehabilitation bills was a scary thing to go through, and I know, without a doubt, my saving grace was calling Mr. Ryder. He treated me so fairly and I’d like to think I’ve made a new friend out of all of this. I loved talking with him and all of his assistants up at the firm. And I couldn’t be happier with how my case was settled. Thank you guys for all of your hard work you did for me. I hope to keep in touch with you all! ”

Erin B. (September 2016)

“Thank you Brad Ryder and your office staff for the attention given to my automobile accident and claim. I appreciate that you allowed me to have a say in my process and for the continuous communication with me ensuring that things stayed on track. Most of all I appreciate the time that both you and your staff put in personally into making my claim a success. Your work exceeded my expectations and I would recommend others to the Ryder Law Firm.”

LaTria M. (August 2016)

“I am writing this to show my appreciation and gratitude for Mr. Ryder and his staff. In March 2016 I was rear ended in a four car wreck and felt overwhelmed. I had extensive damage to my car and was in physical pain. A friend provided me with Mr. Ryder’s information to make sure I was represented by counsel.

I was very impressed with the way Mr. Ryder conducted himself during our initial consult. He was professional, open, candid, a great listener, and very personable. He provided an honest assessment of my case from the information he had. Mr. Ryder took the time to explain everything to me in the privacy of a large professional conference room. Mr. Ryder and his staff displayed complete competence. Mr. Ryder and his staff treated me with dignity and provided individual service that made me feel like I was their only client.

Mr. Ryder’s appropriate, funny sense of humor was a nice addition to a situation that is naturally stressful, unpleasant, and sometimes with no end in sight. I especially appreciated the quick communication about case activity and updates.

I found this experience to be stress free, informative, and successful!

Thanks Mr. Ryder and staff for your excellent representation!”

Vernel M. (July 2016)

“My wife and I obtained Brad Ryder and the Ryder Law Firm to represent us in an automobile accident. Brad, from our first meeting until our settlement, kept us informed of the process and explained each step.

Brad did everything he said he would do for us. Each aspect of our case was handled by the Ryder Law Firm in a timely manner. Brad and his team stayed focused on helping us. When we had questions they were addressed and/or answered immediately. If not, Brad returned our phone call promptly.

Brad is a no non-sense, matter-of-fact, 100% on your side lawyer. If you want a lawyer you can trust to do what they say they will do, Brad Ryder is the lawyer you need.

Most of all, Brad has integrity grounded on principles with outstanding character.

We would obtain the services of the Ryder Law Firm again without any hesitation.”

Bill & Ruthie S. (May 2016)

“The services provided by the Ryder Law Firm were absolutely outstanding. Mr. Ryder and his staff made sure I was aware of everything that was happening. They made constant contact with me at least once a week to provide me with updates. Mr. Ryder made sure I received the highest amount possible for my injuries. Even though I lived out of town, they made sure I was a part of every decision. They definitely have my recommendation. It was a true pleasure working with them.”

Lashawnti W. (April 2016)

“I met Brad Ryder over two years ago. At the time my mother was in the hospital because of care that she failed to receive while a patient at a local nursing home. Brad and his staff took an active interest in my mother’s situation. Over time my mom’s health deteriorated and Brad made sure that he visited her on a regular basis. I remember Brad bringing his son to the hospital on Christmas day, so that he could meet my mom before she passed away. I could tell that this was important to Brad.

Brad and his staff always kept my mother and me informed of what was happening. They worked hard to help bring my mom’s case to a conclusion. After many hard fought battles with the nursing home and their attorneys, Brad was able to help us settle my mom’s case.

My mom and Brad enjoyed a very special relationship. I still consider Brad to be a member of my family. He is honest and hardworking. Brad is also someone who cares about his clients.”

Angela W. (March 2016)

“Thank you for your time, long hours, hard work, and dedication. Thanks also for the calls in and out, answering my questions, listening to my thoughts, and always returning my calls. I think that you did a superb, outstanding job. I have absolutely no complaints. I highly recommend you without a doubt. There were some things the insurance company did that I did not understand or agree with. That did not last long, because Mr. Ryder broke it down to me with no hesitation or mistakes. He always returned my calls or messages, with lightning speed. He always kept me informed. If he knew it, then I knew it. Hands down, I would not hesitate to call Brad Ryder, if his services are needed. Thanks for the long nights and weekend hours that you put in to my case.”

J.R. (January 2016)

“Both Rodney and I were very pleased with the quality of your legal services to us. We especially appreciated your honesty, level of effort and concern with the case and with us on a personal level as well. Your staff was unfailingly cordial and efficient.

As a former attorney myself, I know what goes into making a successful legal practice and found my standards met.

I have seen your series of ads lately and believe they convey exactly what you offer – application of legal skills, teamed with meticulous preparation and research, as well as honesty and a genuine concern for your clients.

If I ever have the need for legal services in your field of expertise, I will most certainly contact you and I will recommend you to anyone of my acquaintance who needs a solid, honest attorney.”

Paula P. (October 2015)

“I am writing to give a review of the superb services that I received from your firm. I would first like to start off by saying, “THANK YOU VERY MUCH”, for your services and efforts to settling my case. I appreciate the customer relationship that Mr. Ryder built from the very first day that we met about my case. Throughout the whole process the law firm was very welcoming and courteous every time I made a visit or received a phone call. I also appreciated the real time updates that the firm provided me with whether I was in town or out of state. In all, I am very thankful that I chose a law firm to help me with my case, that cared about my well being as a person just as much they cared about resolving my case. Thank you for everything.”

Hal N. (October 2015)

“Brad is such a great litigator! Each of his clients are going to enjoy the very best representation from one of the very very best — caring talented and passionate about providing each client individual attention and dedication!”

Pamela (September 2015)

“Brad Ryder is a heck of an attorney. We brought him a real estate nightmare and he worked miracles in getting a settlement from a homebuilder who had messed up our lot lines. After almost 7 years of haggling with the homebuilder, title company and others, we finally found a highly competent and professional attorney in Brad and he got the work done as quickly as possible.

Brad’s team at the Ryder Law Firm is courteous, professional and get your questions answered quickly and promptly. While Brad is a reserved kind of guy, believe me, when he takes off the gloves, look out opposing side.

I would not hesitate to use Brad for any legal work I might need in the future.”

Keith and Edie (August 2015)

“My wife, Debbie, and I have been greatly pleased with our experiences with the Ryder Law Firm. We have had two occasions to use the law firm: one due to a car accident and the other to draw up a will. Both of these were handled in a positive, professional manner. The handling of the car accident was a drawn out endeavor and Brad was there to walk us through every step and reassure us when we needed.

In addition to these two formal instances Brad provided some informal counseling on a family matter that really was helpful in a time of need.”

Randy W. (August 2015)

“We have known Brad Ryder for several years and have always found him to be a very fair and thorough attorney. He has represented our company when the need arose for legal counsel. There have been numerous times that we needed legal advice and he was very prompt and professional. He never fails to research the legality of an issue and is objective with his advice. He is knowledgeable and current with his findings; always communicating clearly with respect and honesty.

We never hesitate to contact Brad when legal questions arise. He and his staff provide excellent service. When searching for a competent attorney, Brad has the attributes and qualities that one looks for. Brad is definitely an attorney that doesn’t let his clients down and will provide the service that is expected from a professional attorney.”

Jack C. (August 2015)

“Seven years ago my wife and I decided to celebrate our 25th Wedding Anniversary by riding the motorcycle to Florida for a one week vacation. We didn’t even make it 10 miles from our home when a driver came out of nowhere and pulled out in front of us causing us to crash. My wife was knocked unconscious (I thought she had died)! She had 3 broken ribs, shattered collar bone, and a broken elbow. I would have walked away ok except for the broken foot.

Our world had just fell apart and I had no idea how to fix it. But a phone call to Mr. Ryder, who took the time to drive over 60 miles to sit down with us, that same day, immediately put our minds to ease. He basically took care of every detail so that we could concentrate on mending and healing our injuries, both physically and mentally. He got us a MUCH better settlement than the insurance company offered. I would highly recommend his services to ANYONE! He is straightforward. No games. No gimmicks! Great guy!”

Bobby and Karen W. (July 2015)

“I contacted the Ryder Law Firm several years ago seeking an appointment with Brad Ryder. I was unsure if he would take the case – which was a lawsuit that had been filed against our company. It was quite a complicated case. Brad called me back promptly and asked that I forward any pertinent information to him and that he was glad to meet with me.

During the first appointment Brad made me feel at ease and I left with the confidence that we had made the right decision in contacting him to represent us and our company. I, as well as my husband, Robert Bodine (& co-owner of Marshall Lawn Care) feel that without Brad and the Ryder Law Firm and their knowledge and persistence we (our company) might not be where we are today.

Since then I have consulted with Brad on other legal matters.

In conclusion the Ryder Law Firm represented me on a business as well as personal basis. I can honestly say that Brad Ryder is very ethical and I would not hesitate to use his law firm again should the need arise. I have and will continue to recommend this law firm to others.”

Mary B. (July 2015)

“I was introduced to Brad Ryder by my son, Michael Smith, while I was in the hospital for an on-the-job injury in July 2013. Mr. Ryder didn’t hesitate about handling my on-the-job injury case for me. He got started on it immediately. As soon as my case was about to be over, Mr. Ryder discussed a settlement for my injuries. Thanks to him, I got my settlement for my injuries.

Mr. Ryder then discussed with me about getting Social Security disability. And thanks to him, I now receive monthly payments for Social Security disability benefits. Thanks Mr. Ryder for all you done for me. I would recommend Mr. Ryder to anyone that needs legal advice. He is a nice, caring, and honest lawyer. It was my pleasure that I got a chance to meet him.

Keep up the Good Work!”

Arthur H. (June 2015)

“I appreciate everything that Brad Ryder has done for me. He did a fantastic job. I would not have gotten the help I needed had it not been for him. I would stand up for him any day.”

Ann S. (June 2015)

” I would recommend The Ryder Law firm to anyone who needs a lawyer that actually cares and that devotes his time to your case. I had Mr.Ryder for a lawyer in a disability case and I live Kentucky even though the distance Mr.Ryder traveled to meet any needs I required.I strongly advise if you need a lawyer that’s 100% give him a call he is wonderful.”

Barry S. (October 2014)

“Mr. Ryder is very professional and knowledgeable. He and his staff are true professionals and I would highly recommend them should the need arise for quality representation.”

Chris K. (September 2014)

“The Ryder Law Firm doesn’t just treat you like another case or see you as a dollar sign. The entire staff treats you with compassion, empathy, and spends all the necessary time with you to get your case resolved.”

Shelby A. (August 2014)

“I would highly recommend The Ryder Law Firm. Brad’s knowledge of the law pertaining to our matter was extensive. His patience, reassurance, and friendly staff made our situation much easier to go through. I hope not to need a lawyer again, but if I do, he’ll be the one.”

Jeremy H. (August 2014)

“Brad Ryder mediated a dispute in which I represented a party. Brad was persistent and focused on reaching a resolution. I have also referred work to him when an issue was outside the purview of my practice. He has a reputation for professionalism, determination, and zealous advocacy. I highly recommend Brad for anyone looking for the legal services in the areas in which he practices.”

Joel S. (November 2013)

“I have known Brad for approximately 30 years; he’s advised me on a number of legal matters over the years. Brad is a trusted friend and a highly competent and detailed attorney. His integrity is above reproach and I highly recommend.”

Mike L. (January 2013)

“Brad is a skilled Attorney with a proven track record. We worked with Brad and his staff for close to 8 months shooting Legal Video Depositions on a big case. We were always treated respectfully and professionally and paid quickly.”

Brian P. (January 2013)

“As a former defense attorney, who now also represents plaintiffs in injury related cases, I have in the past while representing clients who have been sued in accident cases and previously representing insurance companies, litigated cases against attorneys from all the major cities in Alabama, from Fort Payne, all the way down to Mobile, Alabama. You will not find in this state, a more competent and prepared advocate to represent you in your injury related case than Brad Ryder. Brad is a very competent attorney and he is always well prepared. He presents a thoroughly detailed and thought out case. He exudes genuine credibility before both judge and jury in trial settings. I can without hesitation recommend him to any injured person seeking a skilled and always prepared advocate.”

Edward B. (July 2012)

“I highly recommend Brad Ryder as an attorney to handle personal injury matters. Brad is an excellent and accomplished trial attorney who represents his clients and their cases well. Brad pays attention to minute details and works hard to obtain the best recovery possible for his clients. I have absolutely no hesitation whatever in recommending Brad Ryder to anyone needing an attorney for their personal injury matter.”

Wesley P. (August 2011)

“I highly recommend Brad as a personal injury attorney. I have worked with him in a number of cases over the years, and have observed that he works in good faith to thoroughly investigate his clients’ matters. And importantly to me, it has been my belief and experience that he does so with integrity. He leaves no stone unturned in evaluating his clients’ positions in litigation matters, and it has been obvious to me that he genuinely holds their interests as foremost in his litigation endeavors.”

Cliff P. (April 2011)

“Mr. Ryder came into my life over three years ago. He is an excellent attorney…very thorough and dedicated. I don’t think anyone could have done a better job with my complicated case.

Mr. Ryder is passionate about his work and it carries through to his clients. He treated me with compassion and kindness. In trial he was outstanding. He protected my interests as well as my personal vulnerabilities, working diligently to get the job done. He fully understands the legal system and is patient and persistent in dealing with the many problems which arise in a case.

Mr. Ryder has a very professional staff. His assistant is to be commended for her knowledge and competence. She keeps abreast of situations and is a valuable asset to the practice.

My experience with the Ryder Law Firm was such that I would not hesitate in recommending Brad Ryder as one of the best attorneys in his field and one of the finest men I’ve known.”

Gladys G. (February 2011)

“After discussions with several attorneys regarding an injury sustained at a local business – and told by all that my case was too much of a longshot, I visited Brad Ryder. He said it was a tough case, and probably not worth a lot of money (I’d previously been told that IF I won, I would get NO more than $10,000). Mr. Ryder took my case. We ended up in mediation. The three lawyers (in fancy suits) we were in mediation with were from a very large firm out of Birmingham. After a few hours of back-and-forth, we arrived at an agreed-upon $50,000. An incredible job by Mr. Ryder. I would recommend him to anyone – thorough, professional, brilliant.”

Richard W. (February 2011)

“My wife and I, on the recommendation of a friend, asked Brad to represent us in an auto accident claim. We were satisfied with the excellent and respective service provided by Brad and his associates. He managed the case and achieved our desired result. You can rely on his good service and personal attention. If you need a lawyer, I recommend Brad Ryder.”

Bob L. (February 2011)

“I was very satisfied with the professional services that was provided to me and my son by The Ryder Law Firm. The staff made sure that I was informed and involved with the case. Each person worked hard and showed dedication to my case as if it was their own personal issue. I am very thankful for each individual’s hard work and time put in helping me get my issue resolved.”

Nakema M. (February 2011)

What Other Attorneys and Judges Say:

Posted on November 5, 2011

Mr. Ryder is dedicated, hard-working, strategically brilliant, and does not overstate the facts or law. He is an excellent trial lawyer.

Posted on November 4, 2011

Brad is a highly competent and very accomplished lawyer. Any case he undertakes will receive his utmost attention. Brad takes his practice and profession very seriously and is a shining example to other lawyers how a lawyer should be.

Posted on October 10, 2011

I have known Brad for many years. We have discussed trials and trial strategy on many occasions. Brad’s insight and skill at trial have resulted in success for his clients time and time again. He is devoted to working hard for each and every client. If I needed a skilled trial attorney, I would absolutely trust Brad with my case. I have the highest opinion of Brad’s legal skills and ethics.

Posted on October 8, 2011

Extremely qualified in his field for AV.

Posted on October 6, 2011

Brad is an excellent lawyer.

Posted on October 6, 2011

Brad is very aggressive, effective, knowledgeable, organized, uses good judgment, but not abrasive.

Posted on April 8, 2011

“Bradley Ryder is probably the most thorough attorney I know. He leaves no stone unturned. He makes sure he has all of his facts and legal arguments in order before he attempts to advise his clients. He does an excellent job representing his clients.”