Christmas is just around the corner and for many children that means presents.  More specifically – toys!

In 2012, an estimated 265,000 children were treated in hospitals in the United States for toy-related injuries.

Before purchasing any toy as a gift, you should visit the page on the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission’s website that addresses safety hazards associated with toys.  It can be found at:

This page is chocked full of information about different toys and the potential dangers they pose to children.  Specific concerns based on a child’s age and types of toys are addressed.   Included are various Safety Alerts, Safety Guides, a Fact Sheet, posters, and even a quiz.

Not only is it important to check a product for safety before making a purchase, it is also crucial to remove and properly dispose of packaging, such as plastic film, screws, and other small objects, which can pose a choking hazard.

Take a few minutes to do some research before purchasing a new toy for a child and you can better ensure a safe and happy holiday season for your family and friends.

Merry Christmas,

The Ryder Law Firm