Practice Areas

Car Wrecks

We have been helping people who were injured in automobile wrecks for over 23 years.  Our experience and commitment can make a significant difference in the outcome of your case.  We will help you get the compensation you deserve for your medical treatment, pain and suffering, lost wages, and other resulting expenses.  We will also investigate the matter to determine whether alcohol, drug use, distracted driving, or other factors caused the wreck.  You can be assured we also treat you with the empathy you deserve during this stressful time. (more)

18-Wheeler Wrecks

When a tractor-trailer collides with an automobile, typically significant injuries, or even death, result.  These wrecks can be much more complex than the average automobile collision.  With our extensive experience, including knowledge of the applicable Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations, we understand what key evidence must be obtained from the trucking company and the driver of the 18-wheeler.  At the Ryder Law Firm, our focus is on why the wreck occurred, how it could have been avoided, holding all responsible parties liable, and obtaining full compensation for you and your family for all your resulting losses. (more)

Nursing Home Neglect / Abuse

There is no excuse for the abuse and neglect to which the elderly and infirm are oftentimes subjected while patients in a nursing home (skilled nursing facility), rehabilitation facility, or assisted living facility or while receiving hospice care.  This problem has become much more prevalent as large corporate chains purchase individual facilities, centralize decision making, and place primary emphasis on profitability, at the expense of patient care.  The result is improperly trained, unqualified, and unmotivated employees, lack of sufficient supplies, and inadequate nutrition.  If you suspect your loved one is being neglected or abused, do not ignore the situation – it will only get worse!  For over 23 years, the Ryder Law Firm has been helping protect the rights of patients and holding nursing homes responsible for the harm they cause.  As our client, you will receive our commitment to obtaining full compensation for you and your family. (more)

Defective Products

There are numerous federal and state laws designed to protect consumers from unsafe products and to hold manufacturers liable for resulting injuries.  If you have suffered an injury due to an improperly designed or incorrectly manufactured product, it is important to contact a knowledgeable and experienced products liability lawyer.  At the Ryder Law Firm, we know what steps must be taken to preserve, inspect, and test faulty products, and how to present this key evidence at trial. (more)

Insurance Disputes

Insurance companies make money by collecting premiums and investing their reserves, not by paying on claims.  Oftentimes insurance companies delay paying on a claim or grossly undervalue a claim.  When an insurance company denies your otherwise legitimate claim, it can be devastating, both financially and emotionally.  At the Ryder Law Firm, we have over 23 years’ experience handling disputes with insurance companies.  We know your rights and responsibilities when making a claim under an insurance policy.  We have successfully resolved disputes involving automobile, homeowner’s, and disability insurance policies.  We will not allow an insurance company to intimidate you. (more)

Motorcycle Wrecks

A motorcycle wreck can change your life or a family member’s life forever.  Quite often, insurance companies work under the assumption that the motorcycle rider is at least partially fault and will attempt to unjustly refuse or limit your recovery.  At the Ryder Law Firm, we know what evidence must be preserved and evaluated to maximize your resulting recovery, whether through settlement or at trial.  For over 23 years we have been helping motorcycle riders receive full compensation for all their resulting losses, to include medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering, emotional distress, and permanent impairment. (more)

Bicycle Wrecks

When an automobile and a bicycle collide, there is a significant risk that the cyclist will sustain catastrophic injuries or even die.  If you or a family member has been involved in a bicycle wreck, you need to know your legal rights.  We will investigate the incident to find out why the wreck occurred and how it could have been avoided.   We will also fight to help you receive full compensation for all of your resulting losses, to include medical expenses, lost wages, any resulting permanent impairment, emotional distress, and pain and suffering. (more)

Premises Liability

If you sustain an injury on someone else’s property as a result of their failure to properly maintain the premises, they may be liable.  This is true whether you are injured on a job site, in a retail establishment, or at someone’s home.  We have more than 23 years of experience assisting clients who have slipped, tripped, or fallen on another person’s property.  We have a proven track record and are prepared to go to trial to protect your rights. (more)

Alcohol-Related Injuries

At the Ryder Law Firm, we do not represent drivers who have been charged with DUI.  Your rights as a victim of a DUI-related wreck are important to us.  We are adept at investigating the circumstances and obtaining key evidence that must be preserved to protect your rights.  Our goal is to hold accountable not only the intoxicated driver, but also the bar, restaurant, or store from which the intoxicated driver purchased the alcohol. (more)

Distracted Driving

Let’s face it — distracted driving has become an epidemic.  Text messaging, sending or receiving e-mails, or even talking on a cell phone significantly diverts a driver’s attention from his or her surroundings.  All too often innocent people, whether driving, riding a motorcycle or bicycle, or just walking, are the victims.  Distracted drivers must be held accountable for the harm they cause others.  At the Ryder Law Firm, we know what evidence must be preserved and obtained, and how to retrieve it and utilize it at trial.  (more)

Wrongful Death

Nothing is more devastating than losing a loved one, especially when their death is caused by another person’s irresponsible conduct.  Under Alabama’s Wrongful Death Act, punitive damages, intended to deter such conduct in the future or to punish the wrongdoer, are the only available remedy.  Rarely does a wrongful death case settle without filing suit and doing a significant amount of work in preparation for trial.  The reasons are many, to include the fact that the damages are catastrophic and irreversible.  At the Ryder Law Firm, we have over 23 years’ experience handling cases in which someone’s life was prematurely taken. (more)

Traumatic Brain Injury

The frequency of traumatic brain injuries resulting from automobile wrecks, falls, and blunt force trauma is alarming. The effects, physical, emotional, financial, and otherwise, can be permanent and life changing. At the Ryder Law Firm, we understand the inherent difficulties in proving brain injuries, to include the resulting effects. Let us put our experience to work for you. (more)

Fraud / Qui Tam Actions

To falsely represent something upon which someone else relies is inexcusable. This is true whether the fraud is being perpetrate upon another person, a local business, or even the United States government. At the Ryder Law Firm we have been assisting the victims of fraud for over 23 years. We understand the difficulties of not only being able to prove that someone has been defrauded, but also why it happened. (more)