Are Personal Injury Attorneys Still Portrayed In A Negative Light?

In my opinion, it is worse now than it has ever been, mostly because of the way some attorneys advertise. If a television commercial features something as absurd as an “attorney” actually chasing an ambulance, I cannot imagine what else that “attorney”would expect to be called. I do not know, but maybe the “attorney” actually takes pride in it.

Do I need An Attorney To Resolve My Case?

In some situations, you mightnot need an attorney to represent you in relation to an automobile wreck. It may be that you have no injuries,only minimal property damage, and it is just a matter of getting your automobile repaired. Under those circumstances, you probably can resolve your claim on your own.

In other instances, youmay need an experienced and motivated attorney to assist you.Maybe you have been in an automobile wreck, or perhapsyou were riding a bicycle and you were hit by a car, or youmay have been driving and were hit by a tractor trailer. You may have been using a product and were injured because it is defective, or you were hurt at work. You could have been on someone else’s property and were injured.

There are many reasons people get injured, and the more serious the injury, the more likely it is that you will need an attorney to advise and help you.Not doing sowould be similar to a doctor trying to perform surgery on himself. No matter how good a surgeon is, he needs someone else to perform surgery on him.

When it comes to an attorney, if you are dealing with an insurance company and there is a lot at stake, such as your physical, mental,and financial wellbeing, you need to feel confident that the attorney you choose is the right person to protect your rights.

What Types of Wrecks Do You Handle?

We handle a variety of cases involving motor vehicles. It could be an automobile wreck involving two cars, a commercial vehicle, a motorcycle, a bicycle, or a pedestrian, although the common denominator typicallyis that at least one vehicle is involved.

What Must You Prove to Recover For a Car Wreck?

Under Alabama law, you must prove both that the other driver failed to act reasonably (negligence) and that you were injured or otherwise harmed as a result (damages).

The first part (negligence)requires proving that the other driverfailed to do something he should have done. The second part (damages) requires proving the specific harm resulting directly from the other driver’s actions.Typically, we willstart with damage to the automobile. It should be repaired, put back in the same condition, or as close as possible,as it was right before the wreck. If there was prior damage to the automobile, the other driver’s insurance company is not obligated to pay for those repairs; however, they are responsible for all damage caused by the wreck. They must pay for making the necessary repairs.

Then there are medical bills for treatment of injuries sustained in the wreck. That amountobviously will vary, based on the facts.In addition, there is time missed from work and lost wages, pain and suffering, and anyresultingpermanent impairment, disfigurement, or loss of future earnings.In catastrophic injury cases, it is quite possible that the client will never be able to work again. They might need someone to take care of them for the rest of their life.All of these considerations must betaken into account.

You shouldnot try to resolve your case too soon, because you need as much information as possible concerning the extent of your injuries and the likely duration of any resulting physical harm.

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