What If Someone Is Disabled And Unable To Work After An Automobile Wreck?

If you are disabled due to a car wreck, there are a few things that should be taken into consideration. If you were on the job when the wreck occurred (i.e., driving a company-owned vehicle), you probably have a worker’s compensation claim that should pay you for the time that you are out of work.That ispotentially one means of getting compensation while you are recovering. Even if you were not on the job, you may have some type of short-term disability coverage and be able to make a claim under that policy.

Other than these two examples, it is unlikely that there would be any other coverage available to you under the other driver’s policy or your automobile insurance policy that would compensate you while you are out of work. Not receiving weekly or monthly checks cankeep you from being able to pay your bills,thereby creating a lot of stress.Insurance companies understand this hardship and oftentimes will exploit it to try to get you to settle quickly and for less than you deserve.

Should People Post Images of Their Car Wreck on Facebook?

There is an old saying about a fish that is mounted on the wall with a hook hanging out of its mouth. Belowit is a plaque that reads: “This fish would still be swimming if it had kept its mouth shut.”You will not help your case by discussing it withanyone other thanyour attorney, law enforcement officials, and your treating physicians. Facebook and other social sites are no place to be talking aboutmedical care that you are receiving or communications that you have had with your attorney.

Can An Attorney Help Someone Have Their Car Repaired After An Automobile Wreck?

Getting your vehicle repaired should take very little time compared to how long it likely will take to resolve your bodily injury claim. One reason is because the extent of the damage to your vehicle isidentifiable once the wreck occurs. The key then becomes figuring out what needs to be repairedor if your vehicle is a total loss. My experience has been that some insurance companies are fairly cooperative with my clients inrelation to getting their vehicle repaired. To some extent I see this as a ploy to keep the client from talking to an attorney whenthey are trying to resolve their bodily injury claim (at which time the insurance company likely will not be quite so cooperative).

In other instances, insurance companies nickel and dime my clients on repairs and whether they should be allowed to use remanufactured parts, as opposed to new parts, or whether somedamagepre-dates the wreck. In any event, I typically offer to help a client get their vehicle repaired.

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