Distracted Driving

Each year the number of wrecks and people needlessly injured or killed due to distracted driving increases, with no apparent relief in sight.  Distracted driving can take many forms, to include eating, drinking, grooming, or adjusting an electronic device.  However, the most common form of distracted driving is cell phone use – specifically text messaging.

For over 10 years, the Ryder Law Firm has been committed to educating the public on the danger that distracted driving poses.  We understand how devastating the consequences can be when drivers fail to act responsibly and comply with the law.  Our goal is to hold distracted drivers accountable for their decisions, actions, and resulting consequences.  This can only be accomplished by obtaining the electronic device and records relating to its use and downloading the data stored on the device.  This evidence, coupled with the sequence of events leading up to the resulting wreck, must then be concisely presented to a jury.  If you (or a loved one) has been injured (or died) due to someone driving while distracted, contact us.  We want to help.