Insurance Disputes

Dealing with an insurance company can be both intimidating and frustrating.  To handle an insurance claim on your own, without the assistance of an attorney who has significant experience in this area of the law, often results in an epic David v. Goliath encounter, but with a quite different outcome.

A claim for benefits under an insurance policy is normally the result of some incident (potentially catastrophic) that has occurred.  This could be an automobile wreck, damage to your home due to a severe storm or a fire, or even an injury or disability that prevents you from being able to work.  Thus, it is oftentimes when you are at a moment of weakness and most in need of assistance that you are making a claim for payment under an insurance policy.

At the center of any dispute with an insurance company is the insurance policy — a contract that was carefully written by the insurance company.  The insurance policy identifies the rights and responsibilities of you (the insured) and the insurance company (the insurer).

There are many different types of insurance policies (i.e., automobile, homeowner’s, disability, life).  However, your rights are largely based on whether you are making a claim on your own policy (first party claim), or under another person’s policy (third party claim).

A first party claim on your own insurance policy imposes various obligations on your insurance carrier.  Should the insurance company fail to uphold its obligations under your policy, you might maintain a claim for breach of contract against them.  If your insurance company denies your claim, without any legitimate justification for doing so or without conducting a proper investigation, you might also maintain a claim for bad faith.

The area of law that covers the proper interpretation of an insurance policy and handling bad faith claims is very complicated.  Whether it is because the insurance company is not responding to your efforts to contact them or has simply denied your claim, you need the experience and expertise of an attorney who is familiar with this area of the law.

At the Ryder Law Firm, we have over 23 years’ experience handling claims involving insurance companies, to include litigating cases in which insurance companies have arbitrarily denied our clients’ claims for benefits.  We understand the technicalities of this area of the law and the measures that must be taken to preserve any potential claim that you might maintain.  If you have been placed in the unfortunate situation of an insurance company failing to properly handle you claim, please contact the Ryder Law Firm and we will evaluate your case, assist you in holding the insurance company responsible for its obligations under the terms of the insurance policy, and help you obtain the recovery that you deserve.