What Makes Your Practice Unique In Handling Personal Injury Cases?

All attorneys are different. I have a substantial amount of experience representing people who have been seriously injured and I want to do what is best for you. I try to explain to you what I think is best and why. If I believe that it is best to reject a settlement offer, I will tell you exactly that.

I am willing to file a lawsuit for you. I am willing to try your case for you. Since 1992, I have refined my skillset to where I have the ability to be able to determine whether this is a case that has merit and, if so, what the value of it is, what additional work needs to be done to prove both liability and damages, and then be in a position to say the amount that they have offered is, in my opinion, reasonable or it is not and we need to try the case.

What Attracted You To This Particular Area of Law?

I worked for a law firm when I got out of law school and primarily did work for large corporations and insurance companies. I did not care for it much. I like representing people. I like knowing that you had some problems and, together, we were able to resolve them.

How Can I Contact You To Set Up An Initial Consultation?

You are welcome to call our office any time of day. If it is on the weekend or after hours, leave a message and we will get back in touch with you just as quickly as we can. You are welcome to send me an e-mail at brad@ryderlaw.com. You are also welcome to go to our website. It includes a questionnaire that you can fill out and send to me.

All of the information you provide to me, whether you talk to me, you talk to someone else in my office, fill out the questionnaire on the website, or you send me an e-mail, is confidential. I do not share that with anybody else and I do my best to get back in touch with you just as quickly as I can.

Is There Anything Else that You Would Like To Add?

If you are considering hiring an attorney, there are some things you need to know. You need to be prepared to ask some questions and you need to insist on getting answers.

  1. How long have you been licensed to practice law in Alabama?  There is something to be said for experience.
  2. What types of cases do you handle?  You need a specialist!
  3. What is your reputation?  You may want to look at www.lawyers.com, www.linkedin.com, or www.avvo.com to see how they are rated by clients, attorneys, and judges.  Do not simply take the attorney’s word.
  4. How many cases have you tried and what were the results?  Results count!
  5. Will you personally handle my case?  If not, why are you even talking to this attorney?
  6. How much will you charge me for handling my case?  How are expenses handled?  What is left for you?
  7. How will my medical bills be paid?  Are you supposed to pay them from your share of the proceeds?
  8. What is my case worth?  Why?
  9. What do you see as the biggest potential concern?  The attorney must be candid.  All cases have concerns and weaknesses.
  10. What is the theme of my case?  In 10 words or less, the attorney must be able to answer this question.  If not, find another attorney!

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